Meiklejohn Brings Mansion Marketing Mystique to the Masses

by AM Video Classifieds

Posted on January 20, 2020

Business mogul Ken Meiklejohn understands something that most other luxury real estate marketers don't: When you're selling a mansion you need to cast a wide net, not just to catch the bigger fish but to reach the masses.

Luxury real estate is about more than just selling a mass of expensive brick and mortar. It's about selling an ideal. That ideal grows with attention from the press and growing public exposure.

Why do you think local periodicals often feature "Mansions" sections in their weekend editions? It's not for rich people. They're not combing through the Sunday newspaper looking for their new home. They're too busy teeing off at the Rockefeller Country Club or navigating the Riviera in their yacht that docks inside a bigger yacht while plotting their next big move.

Meanwhile the rest of the world sits down over an espresso, pouring over lush landscapes and lavishly constructed architecture that they will never afford. And that's fine. They play an integral role in the sale of such properties.

When a palatial estate makes its way onto the public papers it gets talked about, posted, shared on social media, and ultimately desired. But like the haute couture on the red carpet at the Oscars, those on the outside have no chance of adding the collections to their closets. Those invited to attend, however, do.

Even when something is only attainable to a select few it needs to be visually accessible by all or it mat lost its luster and shine. That's why Beverly Hills (not to be confused with Beverly Ridge Estates) is not a gated community. People have an inherent desire to be seen, and the same is true of their possessions, be it the fashion they wear, the cars they drive, or the homes they live it. Whether they will admit it or not, it all requires validation, which in today's world translates into views -- online views.

That's where Ken Meiklejohn, the man behind Am Video Classifieds, has stepped in. Meiklejohn has pulled luxury real estate listings from out of the shadows and delivered a platform where both exclusive buyers and those who put their lifestyle on a pedestal can take a gander at the grand properties on display.

A $90 million modern masterpiece in Bel Air West Gate for sale? A $188 million behemoth in Bel Air Enclave from famed developer Bruce Makowsky? Everyone takes notice! Bring in those views and you'll see those sales.

Agents take note, and add your listing to AM Video Classifieds' global directory of remarkable estates.

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January 20, 2020

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