When a manufacturer takes his product to market he or she must first decide if they wish to distribute/sell domestically, overseas or both. They next decide if the products are going to be sold through distributors or directly to the public. The last decision is how to develop and implement an effective advertising campaign.

Development of an effective advertising campaign can be very difficult because of the way traditional media is set up. An Italian manufacturer with plans to export to Canada, United States, China and Mexico may have to hire advertising agencies in each country or source media directly.

Advertising agencies would in turn implement advertising campaigns in each country on traditional local media such as television, radio, newspapers and billboards.

They may also implement advertising campaigns on the internet in some fashion with Google adwords, Doubleclick, or through social media like Facebook and Twitter. This is a very time consuming and expensive way to reach a home owner or builder.

amvideoclassifiedsglobal.com offers product manufactures an inexpensive, easy to use, one stop method to advertise locally or globally (Note: we only sell display ads by complete countries).

Product manufactures and advertising agencies can view our global rate cards, select and buy digital advertising campaigns in as many countries as they wish. Best of all these campaigns can be implemented immediately across entire countries.

Product manufactures can also buy a display ad on the bottom of this home page. Because this directory is our main global directory and is viewed by shoppers and others around the world; this will give brands worldwide exposure.

When clicked on they can be set up to direct shoppers/viewers directly to manufacturers own web sites. Simple and easy!

To connect immediately with shoppers around the world please call 1.800.665.5565 or email sales@amvideoclassifiedsglobal.com.

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